KIRIEBIYORI <Ishiga Naoyuki official website>


"KIRIEBIYORI" is Ishiga Naoyuki official website

"Kirie"is the art that I cut out papers with knives and
scissors and complete them as pictures.
Yet, "Kirie" has a little different meaning for me .
Of course I cut papers, but doing it is not everything
I want .
To design as I desire , cut out by showing the finest
lines as delicate ones , and add light to them …
I want my works to become art of light mainly
representing "Kirie".
An artist Ishiga Naoyuki is …
I not only usually work as a pharmacist , but also
produce my own "Kirie. "
I design my "Kirie" based on nature , such as flowers
and birds that I've loved since my childhood.
I'll appreciate if my works are seen by many people
around the world .
I try to produce new art every day .

Please contact me by email about your opinions,
my events, purchase my works.
I apologize to you,
if my answer for your email will be late.
Please fill out these items. And go to the next stage.


You tube

Short movie of my cutting

Do you know how to make paper cut art?

Here is an answer.
Please look at this movie.

I'm cutting a sheet of
"copy paper".